Maxwell Memorial Library is hiring a part-time circulation clerk for Wednesdays 11am – 3pm, Thursdays 4pm – 8pm, and one Saturday a month.

Please send cover letter and resume to Amanda Perrine,, by Monday, December 31st.

Job Title: Permanent Part-Time Circulation Clerk

Hourly Pay Range: starting at $12 per hour

Job Description:

A. Permanent part-time circulation clerks work a regular shift each week at the library circulation desk, to be determined by schedule openings and by the director and clerk together. Saturdays may be part of the schedule.

Part-time regular clerks are scheduled for 10-25 hours a week; additional time requirements include monthly staff meetings (1.5 hours), occasional trainings outside of work hours (1-2 hour sessions), emptying the bookdrop during long holiday weekends (2 hours), and substituting for other clerks.

B. Hourly clerks work an irregular schedule or less than 10 hours per week.

Benefits: All employees are eligible for the following paid leaves annually: 1 week of sick leave, based on a normally scheduled work week; 3 days of jury service; and 3 days of bereavement leave. After 1 year of employment, part-time regular employees are eligible for 2 weeks of vacation, based on a normally scheduled work week, and 3 personal days. These benefits and other forms of leave are described fully in the Employee Handbook.

Clerk responsibilities include:

* Working at the circulation counter and handling all patron transactions

* Mastering the Polaris library circulation system and using it effectively to solve circulationproblems and questions

* Fielding basic- to intermediate-level reference questions

* Effectively using Internet and electronic resources for library tasks and helping patrons

* Processing materials

* Answering the phone and handling inquiries by phone

* Working well with patrons of all ages and walks of life

* Working as a competent and friendly team member with other staff

* Regularly using library email to keep abreast of library news, updates and issues

* Completing special tasks (onetime or ongoing) assigned by director

* Some physical ability – the job entails lifting or otherwise moving bins and bags of library materials up to 50 lbs., bending and reaching, and working on your feet.

* On an ongoing basis, building skills necessary to answer patrons’ questions, provide needed help, and work effectively in the current library setting. This can be done through workshops and trainings offered by the library and regional library organizations, as well as through independent study and continuing education.

An employee working as a circulation clerk should have the following skills:

* Communicate well in English, including spoken and written word

*Stay calm and polite when patrons may be upset, angry or rude

* Be able to navigate in a Windows- and web-based computer environment

* Be able to use and help others use various Web browsers, email services, word-processing programs, portable memory devices, printers, scanners and fax machines

* Be able to navigate the Web-based library catalog to place holds, search for items, access patron accounts, and more

* Have a practical knowledge of electronic books and readers, listening devices, downloadable audiobooks and ebooks, tablets, smartphones, and laptops and a desire to continue learning new formats as technology develops